More powerful than the Pagani Zonda: is it worth buying a Mercedes-Benz W140 Brabus 7.3
While in AMG they sharpened their teeth and blocks for Zonda, their colleagues at Brabus did not sit idle either. Having accumulated a considerable amount of experience in working with…

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In this article we will talk about low profile tires, their main advantages and disadvantages. Should I switch to these tires, if there is a modified or ordinary car? WHAT…

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Early morning, winter, snow and cold outside. But you have to get up and sit in a car that is completely frozen during the night, the engine of which absolutely…

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Five reasons to love and hate Daewoo Nexia

In the land of morning freshness, Opel Kadett turned first into Daewoo Racer, then into Cielo (and the car was delivered to a number of markets under the name Lemans and Pointer). In 1994, the car was upgraded to the Nexia name, and in 1995, the Daewoo assembly line in the Uzbek city of Asaka, not far from Andijan, began to work.
In those years, the Daewoo chaebol was actively expanding, and Nexia began to be assembled in Vietnam, Egypt and Romania, and since 1996 it stopped production at all in Korea, leaving it, however, in foreign branches. By the way, from 1996 to 1998, the SKD assembly was also carried out in Russia, at the Krasny Aksai plant in the Rostov region. Still, the main supplier of Nexia to our market was the UzDaewoo plant, where full-cycle production was organized. Continue reading

From the game into reality: is it worth buying Nissan Skyline R34

Nissan Skyline – this is probably the case when, despite good reliability, the main driver of success was not even she, but sports status. “Skye”, generation after generation, received coupe versions with a clear bias towards the idea of ​​a “driver’s car”, gained popularity among fans of active driving, participated in races – official and street – and at the same time retained their concept, one of the key elements of which were inline six-cylinder motors.
Despite the fact that at the mention of the name Skyline, most recalls an exceptionally wide coupe with four red circles of the rear lights, which became its original calling card, the car was also produced in the sedan. And in spite of the fact that in this form, it somewhat loses in aggressiveness, as well as in elegance (for example, the doors here are very ordinary, unlike the frameless ones in a coupe), the characteristic features of the exterior, along with the row “six”, cannot be taken away from him. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate the Nissan Pathfinder III

The name Pathfinder first appeared in the gamut of the Nissan brand in 1985, during the heyday of interest in off-road cars of the “universal” class, combining the permeability and utility of the “professionals” with the comfort of passenger cars. Then the designers of the brand did the same as everyone else: they took the four-wheel drive pickup truck chassis (with independent front suspension and reduction gear in the transmission) and equipped it with a station wagon. Thus was born the SUV with the factory code WD21. In other markets, this car was sold as a Terrano, and the production of this model continued until 1996, when it was replaced by the Pathfinder R50.
In 1993, a separate, purely European branch, named Terrano II, sprang from this trunk, which, nevertheless, soon sprouted in America under the name Ford Maverick (the car whose exterior was designed by Belgian designer Alain Bloné was developed jointly with the concern Ford) but this is a slightly different story. Continue reading

Almost as real: the cheapest all-wheel drive crossovers

Most recently, we have already figured out what choice there is for those who need not just a crossover, but a real frame SUV, but at the same time for little money. Today we will talk about crossovers in their modern sense – that is, we will not include Niva here (neither the former nor the real one), as well as those cheap frames mentioned in the past material. And yet, even with the mandatory all-wheel drive, you can also meet the amount of “a million and a little.” What is on the market for this money?
Like it or not, and everything is expected to begin with Renault Duster. Keeping the extremely low cost of the basic configuration due to its absolutely minimal equipment, Duster, nevertheless, and with the increase in the number of options, remains one of the most attractive options. Continue reading

The first SUV of Kazakhstan: the history of the creation of the car LAF 4101

The story began in the very city where, according to the creators of the “Gentlemen of Fortune” motion picture creator, the mother of Vasily Alibabayevich lived with her mother. It was in Dzhambul in 1996 that a private entrepreneur decided to try his hand at creating vehicles of his own design. Now they would say softly that this idea was not simple, but then, at the very peak of the devastation, people’s heads hurt about something else, and the majority didn’t care who did what. However, the owner of the largest maintenance station in the region felt that it was quite realizable.
Of course, at the very beginning of this path no major developments were foreshadowed. It all came down to changing the designs of finished cars. In the first case, the top and doors were removed from the Niva SUV and the body was reinforced. Thus, Alexander Loktev (the same entrepreneur) received a phaeton for his passion for hunting. Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover
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If earlier, antiradars constantly “squeaked” and unnerved drivers with false positives, now this problem is a thing of the past. At first, the GPS system came to the rescue, which…


No brother and off-road: whether to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee
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