Copying headlong: the secret three-axle all-terrain vehicles of the 1930s in the USSR
By that time, in the Soviet automobile industry, according to the principle “they are getting better and better”, the tendency of universal meaningless copying of available foreign machines, their units…

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No brother and off-road: whether to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee
Unlike many competitors born on a common platform with pickups and inherited the frame, and even springs, Grand Cherokee from the first generation gained its concept of an SUV with…

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Motorists at least once in their lives have to face a situation where when they try to start the engine, it turns out that the car battery is completely discharged.…

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general sense

Five reasons to love and hate Peugeot 308

Welter has repeatedly said that the main thing in the design of Peugeot – the cat’s appearance, and the last “kitty” he turned out very elegant. Initially, the model went into a series in two bodies (three- and five-door hatchback), but less than a year after the start of sales, the Peugeot 308 SW wagon and the two-door coupe-convertible 308 CC were launched into mass production.
From plastic and sticks: we buy Peugeot 308 I for 400 thousand
What and where are we looking for? Despite all the modern persecution of cars on “heavy fuel”, if you really want this Peugeot, then you should look for a car with a diesel engine. First, both diesel engines … Continue reading

After the new year, DerVase may stop assembling Lifan and Chery. We reveal the details

The DerVace car company entered the Russian market at the beginning of the “zero” years with its own-developed off-road vehicle, but based on the Romanian ARO trolley. A few years later Lifan came to Cherkessk and in 2009, the assembly went on a full cycle of the Breez model. Then there was cooperation with Geely, which eventually went to its own facilities in Belarus, with Haima, which left Russia, with Brilliance, who left DerVace last year and is still limited to the sale of warehouse stocks of the V5 subcompact crossover. Yes, there was also JAC, who also left, and after the break, decided to return to Russia, but already with the Kazakh assembly cars.
Together with Lifan, which assembles all models presented in Russia at full capacity in Cherkessk, Chery remained on DerVase, leading a more cautious policy: Tiggo 5 and Tiggo 3 are made in Cherkessk, while Tiggo 2 is imported from China. From January to September, inclusive, Lifan sent dealerships 11,227 cars, and Chery – 3,586 copies of Tiggo 5 and Tiggo 3. Continue reading

Launchers: use boosters correctly!

How does the portable starter work?
In principle, the filling of a portable starter, commonly referred to as “jump starter”, “booster” or “launcher”, is not too different from the filling of the power bank, which today, in the era of fast-discharging smartphones, is in the pocket of every second person.
Chinese factory “SHIHE” Shanghai. Direct delivery of emulsifiers homogenizers!
The main difference between the “launchers” and telephone power banks is the extremely high current output of the battery, which allows for a short time to issue a current of several hundred amperes in peak, as well as the presence of protection against polarity reversal and short circuit. These devices are manufactured today by a variety of brands and have proven themselves well in the automotive environment, really helping out in situations when the battery has sat down and you need to go urgently. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate Peugeot 308
Welter has repeatedly said that the main thing in the design of Peugeot - the cat's appearance, and the last "kitty" he turned out very elegant. Initially, the model went…


You will not please everyone. New Toyota RAV4
Designers RAV4, it seems, really finally dismissed - in the sense, not home, but emotionally and documented. How else to explain the fact that the concept of FT-AC, shown last…


Instead of “pruley”: how China wants to flood Asia and Africa with its used cars
The sales of new cars in China are amazing: for comparison, in Russia last year 1.6 million cars were sold, and in China in September 2018 alone they were bought…