Copying headlong: the secret three-axle all-terrain vehicles of the 1930s in the USSR
By that time, in the Soviet automobile industry, according to the principle “they are getting better and better”, the tendency of universal meaningless copying of available foreign machines, their units…

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No brother and off-road: whether to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee
Unlike many competitors born on a common platform with pickups and inherited the frame, and even springs, Grand Cherokee from the first generation gained its concept of an SUV with…

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Trump is in a frenzy: GM turns off the production of cars in the US
On the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show, General Motors announced a large-scale restructuring of its business, during which eight plants would be closed (five of them in North…

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After the new year, DerVase may stop assembling Lifan and Chery. We reveal the details

The DerVace car company entered the Russian market at the beginning of the “zero” years with its own-developed off-road vehicle, but based on the Romanian ARO trolley. A few years later Lifan came to Cherkessk and in 2009, the assembly went on a full cycle of the Breez model. Then there was cooperation with Geely, which eventually went to its own facilities in Belarus, with Haima, which left Russia, with Brilliance, who left DerVace last year and is still limited to the sale of warehouse stocks of the V5 subcompact crossover. Yes, there was also JAC, who also left, and after the break, decided to return to Russia, but already with the Kazakh assembly cars.
Together with Lifan, which assembles all models presented in Russia at full capacity in Cherkessk, Chery remained on DerVase, leading a more cautious policy: Tiggo 5 and Tiggo 3 are made in Cherkessk, while Tiggo 2 is imported from China. From January to September, inclusive, Lifan sent dealerships 11,227 cars, and Chery – 3,586 copies of Tiggo 5 and Tiggo 3. Continue reading

Ferodo, reel and bagel: outdated automotive terms that have received new life

The sweet word “radio tape recorder” today has completely lost its original meaning, although it has not lost any popularity at all. Its history is as follows.
When in the first half of the twentieth century musical combines appeared in everyday life, which included a radio receiver and record player, in the USSR they were called “radio lines”. But this is not an abbreviation, but the name of the manufacturer: the name “Radiola” was one of the brands of audio equipment of the American company RCA. Remember the stories about “copier” or “jeep”? Here is the same thing. The party “Radiol” fell into the Soviet Union, the term got accustomed to the people, and when the records went into the past under the pressure of a magnetic film, by analogy the word “radio tape recorder” appeared. Automotive version, of course, became the “radio”. Continue reading

What’s up with DW Hower? Why “people dissolved”, and “dealers until the last kept in the dark”?

The other day we wrote about the situation with the DerVays plant in Cherkessk, which has not yet renewed the contracts for assembling Lifan and Chery cars for 2019, and now let’s try to figure out what is happening in Mikhailovsk at the Stavropol-Avto assembly plant. Is there a connection between these enterprises? Yes there is. In order to reveal it in detail, we need a separate large material, the place of which is, rather, on the pages of the business press. In this case, we have somewhat different tasks, so we simply note that there is a connection at the level of the founders, at the level of top management, at the level of kinship of people who at various times had a relation to both DerVais and Stavropol-Auto. . Such a connection is also traced through third companies. The China Automarket holds a special place in this chain. Continue reading

Without a trick has not done. New Toyota Corolla

In fact, the answer to the question of why the Japanese made two versions of the Corolla lies on the surface – along with beautiful stories that since the appearance of the model in 1966, more than 46 million units have been sold. The fact is that it is the sedan version that is the best-selling one, which means it generates the most profits. And if for a hatchback and a station wagon, a bold move with a bright appearance was fully justified, then it was worth tinkering with a sedan – to determine the consumer audience by country and give customers what they expect.
So two variants of a sedan with the obvious names “Sporty” and “Prestige” were born. Of course, from a technical point of view, there are no differences between them, and even the overall dimensions are up to a millimeter. The new generation Corolla, as it should be, moved to the global TNGA architecture as a GA-C platform, in which it joined the Prius, C-HR and Lexus UX. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate Skoda Yeti

Leaving the main design solutions, the engineers were forced to use the larger Volkswagen PQ35 platform, on which models such as the Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Golf were built at the time. The Fabia and Polo platform originally prepared by the Yeti turned out to be too small.
In the spring of 2009, the crossover premiere was held at the same Geneva Motor Show, sales began in Europe in the summer, and in November of the same year Russian sales of Skoda Yeti were launched. Initially, two of the available range of engines were selected: 1.2 TSI (105 hp, 175 Nm) and 1.8 TSI (160 hp, 250 Nm). With them, a 7-speed robotized box with a double dry clutch DSG7 and a six-speed “mechanics” aggregated. The car was offered both in front-wheel drive version, and with the system of automatically connected all-wheel drive. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate Skoda Yeti
Leaving the main design solutions, the engineers were forced to use the larger Volkswagen PQ35 platform, on which models such as the Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Golf were…


Go to the barricades: buy the Mitsubishi Outlander II
It is now Outlander in the model range Mitsubishi occupies an intermediate position: between the almost accessible ASX and the flagship Pajero. And in the distant 2006, when the second…


Leakage of the cooling system on the road indicates wear / crack of a part and various sealants - only a short-term solution to the problem, which will gradually lead…