You will not please everyone. New Toyota RAV4
Designers RAV4, it seems, really finally dismissed - in the sense, not home, but emotionally and documented. How else to explain the fact that the concept of FT-AC, shown last…

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TIPS 1. The fact that the car was repainted is evidenced by the difference in shades of body parts, even the most insignificant. You can consider this, being at a…

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From the ceiling to the floor: buy Audi Q7
If you are not allergic to large crossovers or Volkswagen as a whole, then it is probably impossible to dislike Q7. It is clear that the taste and color of…

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More powerful than the Pagani Zonda: is it worth buying a Mercedes-Benz W140 Brabus 7.3

While in AMG they sharpened their teeth and blocks for Zonda, their colleagues at Brabus did not sit idle either. Having accumulated a considerable amount of experience in working with Mercedes engines since 1977, the Germans met the twelve-cylinder M120 that appeared in 1991 with the most sincere delight – in the sense that they immediately dismantled it and squandered it. They didn’t become embarrassed with the volume – this is how a 7.3-liter unit with a forged piston, modified inlet and outlet and other “hand applications” appeared, which brought its power up to 574 hp and torque – up to 772 Nm! Just do not forget that in order to reach the peak moment, the motor will need to be cranked up to 5,750 r / min – because it is atmospheric. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate the Great Wall Hover

Russian car enthusiasts first met the Hover at the Moscow Motor Show 2005, and the following year the official importer of the Great Wall brand, Irito, organized the assembly of cars in the old town of Gzhel (body welding from parts supplied from Celestial was carried out Cherkessk). It is worth noting that then, 12 years ago, the reaction to the novelty was quite positive: “Well, this one looks like a car though.”
Indeed, the prototype of the Hover was the Isuzu Axiom SUV. This did not cause any conflict of interest: by that time, the concern GM, which owned the majority stake in Isuzu, decided to curtail the production of Japanese brand SUVs for Japan, the USA and Europe. Axiom just got under this decision.
Chinese designers have kept intact the main lines and proportions of the body, but made major changes to the design of the front, which went only to benefit the model. But the technical “stuffing” of the car was made according to the principle “I made him blind from what was. Continue reading

Kalina, red Kalina: buy Lada Kalina

What, where and how are we looking?
AvtoVAZ never pleased us with interesting restyling (he pleases with machines one more time), so we are looking for any first-generation car. The Kalina-2 (VAZ 2192/2194) will be viewed somehow separately: this is a completely different car, technically more similar to Grant.
Usually in this place I tell which one is better to choose a motor or box, but this time the details will not be for obvious reasons. Here you need to try to find at least a more or less an entire body: in terms of the speed of decay, the VAZ car proudly competes not even with the Moskvich 2141, but with the German premium in the person of Mercedes W210. But if you repair a “tin” with a “lupat” there is some sense, then this is absolutely useless thing on Kalina: this car will not become a “classic” and in the near future there will be no fight for it at retro car auctions.
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Instead of “pruley”: how China wants to flood Asia and Africa with its used cars

The sales of new cars in China are amazing: for comparison, in Russia last year 1.6 million cars were sold, and in China in September 2018 alone they were bought over 2 million. The total annual result in 2017 amounted to – just think about it – almost 29 million units! And given the pace of sales, even taking into account the “low base”, that is, an extremely low level of motorization of the country several years ago, the volume of the secondary market is also growing by leaps and bounds. And this means not only economic growth and a good purchasing power of the population, but also the emergence of new issues that simply did not arise earlier. And one of the main things – what to do with used cars?
It would seem that the question is simple: given the volume of production, you can simply expand processing, sending old machines for scrap and remelting. Continue reading

Five reasons to love and hate Peugeot 308

Welter has repeatedly said that the main thing in the design of Peugeot – the cat’s appearance, and the last “kitty” he turned out very elegant. Initially, the model went into a series in two bodies (three- and five-door hatchback), but less than a year after the start of sales, the Peugeot 308 SW wagon and the two-door coupe-convertible 308 CC were launched into mass production.
From plastic and sticks: we buy Peugeot 308 I for 400 thousand
What and where are we looking for? Despite all the modern persecution of cars on “heavy fuel”, if you really want this Peugeot, then you should look for a car with a diesel engine. First, both diesel engines … Continue reading

Go to the barricades: buy the Mitsubishi Outlander II
It is now Outlander in the model range Mitsubishi occupies an intermediate position: between the almost accessible ASX and the flagship Pajero. And in the distant 2006, when the second…


Copying headlong: the secret three-axle all-terrain vehicles of the 1930s in the USSR
By that time, in the Soviet automobile industry, according to the principle “they are getting better and better”, the tendency of universal meaningless copying of available foreign machines, their units…


There are different devices that can facilitate the operation of the car. One of them is capable of becoming an ELM327 autoscanner. Let us tell you what it is, how…