WHAT ARE HAPPEN? Car alarms are conventionally divided into three types - they are one-way, two-way and using a satellite warning system. Unilateral are considered obsolete due to the lack…

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Go to the barricades: buy the Mitsubishi Outlander II
It is now Outlander in the model range Mitsubishi occupies an intermediate position: between the almost accessible ASX and the flagship Pajero. And in the distant 2006, when the second…

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Trump is in a frenzy: GM turns off the production of cars in the US
On the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show, General Motors announced a large-scale restructuring of its business, during which eight plants would be closed (five of them in North…

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A car with automatic transmission gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the road, without being distracted by the gear shift. This especially applies to novice motorists who find it difficult to handle the “mechanics”. Now it is possible in a driving school to be trained in a car equipped with an “automatic”. Just keep in mind that driving a car with a manual transmission will be prohibited, as will be marked in the driver’s license. Continue reading


ALCANTARA FOR TUNING OF A SALON Alcantara or artificial suede, a new unusual and popular material used for finishing racks and ceilings. It perfectly combines with leather when finishing seats and torpedoes. Padding Alcantara – this is a durable and durable finish material that has good performance properties, is easy to clean and does not fade in the sun. Artificial suede is soft and velvet to the touch, completely imitates natural material and adds warmth and comfort to the car’s interior. A wide selection of Alcantara colors allows you to use it to implement a variety of design ideas. In addition, you can order faux suede with a variety of perforations. The advantages include excellent wear resistance and resistance to aggressive chemicals. Continue reading


WHAT ARE HAPPEN? Car alarms are conventionally divided into three types – they are one-way, two-way and using a satellite warning system. Unilateral are considered obsolete due to the lack of a channel to notify the owner of the car in case of infringement of his car. For notification, they use sound and light methods, and the maximum range is 200 meters in open terrain. More advanced are two-way car alarm systems with feedback, equipped with an LCD display on the keychain. In addition to the light and sound notification method, this view transmits information about the encroachment on the car to the owner’s key ring. In the presence of a liquid crystal display, the keychain displays events occurring at the moment with the machine. Continue reading


At the beginning motorists the question arises: is it possible to mix oils of different manufacturers, categories and viscosity classes? Let’s figure it out.
IF OIL IS DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS Any oil consists of a base and a set of additives that give the base oil-based individual qualities. The possible incompatibility of the fundamentals of different manufacturers is covered by the first problem – different manufacturers have different technologies and ways of producing the base, which in the end may have different physical properties (this is especially true of synthetics). Due to the unevenness of the bases, problems may arise when mixing enough identical synthetic oils, but from different manufacturers. Continue reading


In this article we will talk about low profile tires, their main advantages and disadvantages. Should I switch to these tires, if there is a modified or ordinary car?
WHAT IT IS? If you ask a tuning enthusiast what distinguishes a “cool car” from a usual one, then low profile tires will be named among the first signs. Indeed, the wheels of the car with a large radius and a narrow strip of rubber look much more aggressive and more beautiful. But how does this affect the car itself, which should not only please the eye, but also go safely? As we know, the standard marking is: 235/45 R20. Continue reading

From the ceiling to the floor: buy Audi Q7
If you are not allergic to large crossovers or Volkswagen as a whole, then it is probably impossible to dislike Q7. It is clear that the taste and color of…


Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover
About the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover, a lot became known a month ago after its presentation in Stockholm, but it was a conventionally closed show not for everyone, and in…


Kalina, red Kalina: buy Lada Kalina
What, where and how are we looking? AvtoVAZ never pleased us with interesting restyling (he pleases with machines one more time), so we are looking for any first-generation car. The…